part quirky post modern folk

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She is survived by her daughter, Jean Worster and husband Charles (Stoney) of Auburn, NH; son James Lloyd and wife Michele of Andover, NJ; son in law Thomas Yarrington and wife Cindi of Endicott, NY. She is also survived by eight grandchildren: Ami Slater and husband Andy of Manchester, CT; Matthew Worster and wife Maria (Chari) of Lafayette, CA; Paul Worster and wife Leah of Cambridge, MA; Kathryn (Kaiti) Stafford and husband Wallace (Chip) of Collegeville, PA; Brian Yarrington and wife Sandra of Cambridge, OH; Steven Yarrington of Menands, NY; Kelly Lloyd of Jersey City, NJ, and Connor Lloyd of Paterson, NJ. Additionally, she is survived by eight great grandchildren; three step great grandchildren, several special nieces and nephews, and many dear neighbors and friends who added so much to her life Cheap Jerseys from china.